10 Things to do in Nalchik – Nart Pshegubj

تاريخ النشر على الموقع 20/09/2015

Nart Mohammed Khair Pshegubj, MBA
Twitter: @pshegubj

The Caucasus is known for its rich culture, virgin nature and delicious food. In my opinion, I also think that the Caucasus as a holiday destination has a great value for your money. Many tourists come to Nalchik to climb Mount Elbrus, which is the highest mountain in Europe, yet few people know that Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe is actually exceeded by 15 peaks in the Caucasus (The Lonely Planet travel guide).
There are lots of things one can do in the outskirts of Nalchik, however in this article I will be presenting the main activities to do in the city itself. You may find the easiest way to get around is by taxi, plus I would recommend using a mobile app called Maps.me, which allows you to download maps and use them without the need for internet connectivity.

1. Walk along Lenina street and enjoy the beautiful scenery


2. City Café
Grab a cup of cappuccino from City Cafe, I also like their fruit salad.
Address: 40, Lenina street, 5 minutes away from Maria square and hotel Rassia


3. City park

The city park is so big, it covers a quarter of the city’s area, which is more than 200 hectares (reference 1). I highly recommend you spend some time while exploring the park. Take a teleferique ride to go to the mountaintop monument of Sosruko, a breathtaking experience (cost: less than two dollars).



4. Have some delicious Shashlik’s next to the lake
The lake extends from the park, a very good opportunity to have a proper meal.


5. Have some food or tea at Tamaris café
Tamaris is a success story, established by one of the Circassian repatriates who came back from Turkey. The café serves some delicious food and has a nice seating area.
Address: Lenina street, close to Vester Giper


6. Visit the monument of the Circassian-Russian war
This monument is founded out of respect for an important milestone in the history of the Circassian nation, commemorating a war that lasted for 101 years between The Russian empire and the Circassians in 18th century.

The monument has a design of a tree of seven levels, which represents the seven generations that witnessed this war. It is good to note that as a result of this war, the majority of Circassians live nowadays in diaspora.
Address: The park of freedom, between Lermontov street and Kabardinskaya street


7. Art Center by Madina Saralp
If you are into shopping and arts then this your place. The Art Center showcases elegant Circassian costumes and accessories by the designer Madina Saralp. It also holds some art exhibitions in the same building on a regular basis.
Address: Lermentov street, 2 a (five minute away from the monument)



8. Buy gifts and souvenirs from Adigha Wena
In Circassian Wena means house. Here you can find some nice gifts such as books, Qama’s (Circassian daggers) and Circassian costumes. This shop is also located in Lenina street.


9. Visit the market (Bazar) and sample cheese and fresh produce
I usually buy wheels of smoked cheese and take them with me as gifts for friends and family. Here is my tip, bring a roll of wax paper with you, this helps in keeping the cheese fresh while traveling.


10. The museum of Nalchik
I came across a surprising fact in this museum, the Circassian language used to be written in Arabic letters for a while.



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