Top 10 things to do in Maykop, the Caucasus

تاريخ النشر على الموقع 23/10/2015

Nart Mohammed Khair Pshegubj, MBA
Twitter: @pshegubj

The Caucasus is known for its rich culture, virgin nature and delicious food. In my opinion, I also think that the Caucasus as a holiday destination has a great value for your money.

In this post I will talk about the top 10 things to do in a major Circassian city in the Caucasus; Maykop, which is the capital of the Republic of Adygea. The city has a relaxed atmosphere and its name roughly translates to (plains of wild apples).

There are many places to explore and more activities to do in the outskirts of Maykop, however in this article I will be presenting the highlights of the city itself. You may find the easiest way to get around is by taxi, plus I would recommend using a mobile app called, which allows you to download maps and use them without the need for internet connectivity.

1. City park

You can start with exploring the park which is full of beautiful sceneries. The park also has a public swimming pool.

2. Have a walk in Krasnoo Ktyabrs-kaya street
The street extends from the park entrance, and it is pedestrian only. Kids can have a pony ride too.

3. Have some food at Ta Ti restaurant

Ta Ti is a success story, established by one of the Circassian repatriates who came back from Turkey. The restaurant serves a wide variety of options, from Circassian cuisine to Pizza.
Address: Krasnoo Ktyabrs-kaya street

4. Buy gifts and souvenirs from Dishe-idag

For those who love shopping, this boutique has elegant Circassian costumes, accessories and some nice gifts.

Address: Krasnoo Ktyabrs-kaya street

5. Square next to the presidential offices (Ploshchad’ Lenina)

A nice seating area to conclude your walk.

6. The grand Mosque of Maykop

Built in year 2000 by Sheikh Khalid Al-Qasimi of UAE. The mosque is a masterpiece and has a small park next to it.

7. Visit the monument of the Circassian-Russian war

This monument is founded out of respect for an important milestone in the history of the Circassian nation, commemorating a war that lasted for 101 years between The Russian empire and the Circassians in 18th century. It is good to note that as a result of this war, the majority of Circassians live nowadays in diaspora.

Address: next to the grand mosque of Maykop

8. The museum of Maykop

This modern museum is truly worth a visit, it showcases fossils, antiquities and even details about wild life in Adygea. Also the museum holds art galleries every now and then.

Address: Sovet-skaya street, 229

9. Apple pie

Have a cup of coffee Espresso or an apple pie at Apple Pie cafe.

Address: ulitsa Chkalova, 65

10. The Guesthouse

Tij Ilkay, a Circassian from Turkey has always believed in returning to the homeland. Tij lost his life in a car accident, but his family and friends decided to fulfill his dream through the Guesthouse project.

The mission of this project is to provide Circassians in the diaspora with a path to return to homeland. Although work is still in progress, it is worth visiting the location to stand on and appreciate one real step towards repatriation efforts.

After the project is completed it will have a hotel to provide visitors with accommodation and an office to give advice and support to those willing to settle in the Republic of Adygea.

Address: Maykopskaya ulitsa, 148