About Us: عن الموقع

Why CircassianNews?

To understand why we need CircassianNews, lets consider these (real-life) example scenarios:

As a community member:

  • You missed the elections day at a Circassian organization because you did not read the newspaper when they advertised it.
  • You were not able to register your kids in the summer camp because you did not know about it.
  • You did not attend the lecture at a Circassian organization because you did not happen to visit the Circassian organization and read the note on the bulletin board.
  • You simply do not know what the Circassian organizations do, so you think they do not do anything.

As a Organization member:

  • You organized an important event, however it lacked participation.
  • You needed help organizing an event, however no one offered to help.
  • You placed an ad in the major newspaper, however people did not notice it.
  • You have elections in your organization, however not a sufficient number of voters turned out.
  • You tried to reach out to people through Facebook, however many people simply do not use it.
  • You do many things, however you are not able to communicate it back to the community.
  • You feel unappreciated.

What are Our Goals?

  • Primarily, we believe that there is an opportunity that we can take advantage of to enhance the communication between the different Circassian organizations in Jordan and the members of community.
  • Secondarily, we believe that we can provide selected articles, news, and other forms of information relevant to members of the Circassian community in Jordan that can further their knowledge with different aspects of Circassian history, culture, and politics.

We believe that our goals should be achieved through a convenient, effective, and efficient (as well as free) way of communication – email!

How does it Work?

  • We are a central location where you can obtain updates on events organized by Circassian organizations in Jordan or obtain the latest news relevant to these organizations.
  • We contact you with updates through email. You do not need to remember to visit our website each day.
  • We hold your email private. We will not share it with anyone, and we will not use it for personal reasons.
  • However, if you wish not to receive our emails, you can easily un-register yourself at any time.

What are we NOT?

  • We do not formally represent any organization or institute and we do not represent any political or religious groups. We are simply a group of individuals from the Jordanian community.
  • We are not a closed group. In fact we are interested in furthering cooperation with different groups and individuals in the spirit of achieving our goals.
  • We are not primarily creators of content, we are simply communicators. Hence, we do not necessarily endorse opinions and statements made in articles posted in this website.
  • We are not competing with other websites. We not only reference other websites, we actually promote them.
  • We are not overlapping with Facebook, we are simply different.
  • We are not spammers. If you wish not to receive our emails, you can easily un-register yourself whenever you desire.
  • We are not responsible for (nor do we necessarily endorse) comments posted by our readers.
  • Finally, we are not professional web-programmers. So forgive us if we have missed something here or there.

As Circassians, we do support freedom of opinion. In fact we believe that there is a need for a continuous debate and relevant discussion ( even healthy criticism) with regards to our community, organizations, politics, and social issues.

On the other hand, we do not approve of personal attacks on individual members of society as well as public, religious, or governmental figures.

Obviously it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between endorsing freedom of opinion and rejecting an untolerated abuse  (e.g.  what is a personal attack vs. healthy criticism an organization or a public figure).

We, at CircassianNews, reserve the right to make that decision based on how we believe the spirit and goals of CircassianNews is. We reserve the right to determine what is appropriate to publish and what is not on a case by case basis. Hence, we might remove/alter posts, comments or pages as we determine suitable.

Having said that, the general rule for controversial comments or criticism is that it should be stated in a constructive fashion, away from ridicule, negative, or extreme statements.

If you have any comments or if you wish us to consider removing/altering any statements, articles, or posts published on CircassianNews.com, please contact the administrator.

How can we Succeed?

  • Active participation of representatives of Circassian Organizations in Jordan.
  • Registering a good number of community members in Jordan.

How to Contact Us?

To contact us with any comments, questions or to publish any events or articles, please send us an email at admin@circassiannews.com.